How to Make Better Sandwiches

Bread, spread, filling—the formula for a winning sammie seems simple. But the secret to creating this packed-lunch staple lies in achieving a symphony of flavors and textures. Ready to make a great sandwich? We have a few tips.



Pick the right loaf for your sandwich.

Soft fillings call for soft bread; hearty fillings pair well with sturdy bread. You don’t want your tuna salad to squish out of a crusty bâtarde as you take a bite.

Saucy fillings need crusty bread as a vessel. Think of the Vietnamese banh mi: juicy filling; chewy, crusty baguette.

Toast lightly. Toasting adds texture, but overdoing it will result in rock-hard bread.


The filling is the focal point of the sandwich. Consider it carefully when you choose the other components.

Sometimes, less is more. Remember,  […]


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